How Much LOVE?

by Patrisius

How much love will I put into today’s life?

I ask myself that question every time I set out to go about my daily activities. And, well, admittedly the answer is not necessarily always straightforward. I don’t want to sound pretentious by saying “I’ll put 99.99% of love into whatever I’ll be doing today”, and then get berserk or moody throughout the day.

Yesterday a decree came out and turned out to be one of the silliest managerial decisions ever made. I was very much tempted to say degrading things about this. I even planned to write a shout out on my YM: “Stupid Decree Sucks!”. But then when I asked myself that above question, I kind of melted and realized everyone can sometimes be prone to making mistakes, even the supposedly bright people. So instead of that degrading expression, I put on something cheerful ”Going to Yogya, woo-huiii!”.

How much love will I put into today’s life?

Hmm, simple question, not so simple answer. I don’t want to overestimate my capability of doing every act of mine with unfaltering love, nor do I want to underestimate my ability to love whatever I will be doing.

Love equals sincere smiles to everyone I meet; love means getting myself rid of prejudice, biased opinions about colleagues or superiors, or students; love means letting go of grudges and emotional toxic; love means a cheerful embrace of whatever this life today is offering me.

So, mmmm . . . . how much LOVE will I put into today’s life?

P.S. Kayaknya ini salah posting, deh. Mestinya di blog pribadi saya; ah, tapi, what the heck. Enjoy!

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  1. I don’t know how after i read “by the river I sat and wept”, I feel something deferent…….ther side of Love, new viewpoint!!!!… beautiful!!!!
    I hope I can find it…..^^

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