Love Affairs . . .

by Anonymous (a.k.a you-know-who)

People often say that there are three things that are the biggest temptations for a man: wealth, position, and women.

I have no problem with the first two. I am not obsessed with wealth, nor high position.

But I do find women very tempting, and probably vice versa. If you happen to have a closer look at my office, you will see several gifts from more than one woman, each of whom had a really fiery, passionate romantic relations with me. And I have been struggling with this issue since I was in my early thirties.

The postings on polygamy, first by Umi and then followed by Agung, somehow makes me mull over this matter.

I am lucky to have been entrusted with a mentoring group. Being a mentor somehow helps me maintain a tight control over my strong inclination toward women. Realizing that I am a mentor, I force myself to be a good role model for my mentees. So I know how shocking it is for them to know that their mentor is struggling with this women issue. . .

What will be happening in the next few years, or even months, I don’t know. Whether I will still be a clear-minded mentor or a complete charmer that, again, captivates another woman into my arms depends very much on how strong I resist temptations.

Me rocks!! Yes, I do rock (some) women, but now I do not feel any pride when shouting it. It’s a warning call rather than a triumphant crow.


  1. bapak narsis…………

    tp emang itulah ciri khas club mentoring kita………

  2. bbbeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuhhhh……..

    duh gmn ya comment nya….


    susah ahhh……

    tp ada hal yang saia pelajari dari relationship…apa???
    tunggu d posting berikutnya……^^V



  3. Siapa ini yang nulis? Kenapa anonim? Kenapa gaya tulisannya mirip dengan saya? Kenapa bahasa Inggrisnya juga (hampir) sebagus saya?

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