Ma Chung Festival 2009

Yosakoi. Hmm, there they are on the stage, five men and five women clad in Japanese style, black and red. To the background of Japanese percussion and string, they danced rhythmically. Tender but energetic, with a few exploding movements. Hmm, so this is Yosakoi. Very Japanese. Nice to see.

Prior to the dance one of the dancers explained the word “Yosakoi”. An evening greeting, she said, more or less. Hmm, an evening dance performed under the afternoon sun at Ma Chung Festival, good, good one. . . .
But Yosakoi was only one of the delights at that Ma Chung Festival 2009. The stage was alive with my two mentees’ performance as the hosts: Agung and Grace. Perfect blend. They rocked! Just one year ago Agung was just a shy boy from Bali who fought hard to win the throne as Ma Chung’s King, and now he was there up on stage again, rambling, joking, twisting words and exchanging witty comments with Grace. Bravo, bravo!

As I said, despite my age I really enjoyed the ear-splitting and heart-crushing band performances on stage. That mesmerizing vocal of the lead singer and the shrieking lead guitar plus the pounding beats of the drums and the crushing deep thuds of the bass . . . reaaalllyyy cool!

So I stayed up to the last show by D’Cinnamons. I know now why they invited this band: they rocked a loott! Simple acoustic guitars plus a drum that accompany the young lady’s flawless voice who skillfully plays her guitar with her small fingers, so agile, so smooth, delivering simple lyrics about love. . . they kill!

So Ma Chung Festival is surely one of the highlights of my life in 2009. The food stalls are crunchy and yummy as always, and what makes it better was the treat by Bu Rector for me, Pak Yuswanto, Pak Rudy and Pak Teady (who name themselves “bujang sejati”, “bujang musiman” and “bujang lapuk”, respectively). I devoured bakso, sate and pangsit mie, more than enough calorie to kill a 42-year old balding mentor. . .

I ran into Ian, Didi, Steven, Lili but missed Rony, Pamela, Bio, Andreas, Gideon and Barry. Too bad, for that very evening was really an event to enjoy.

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