20 vs 40

by PID

When you are 20, you feel love is hard to get, cruel sometimes
When you are 40, you realize that you have been holding it all along the way,
no more worries that you are not loved, for now you feel its abundance and ubiquitous presence

When you are 20, you sometimes feel bored with life,
As you turn 40 you regret that you felt bored, for now you find how rewarding every experience that you have had during your twenties.

When you are 20, you wonder what the future will be like for you,
When you turn 40 you realize that it’s you who, somehow, shapes the future,

When you are 20, you feel like rebelling against your 40 something-year-old teachers,
When you turn 40, you receive the same attitude from your 20-year-old students, and you just smile,
knowing that it’s just a painstaking growth taking place

When you are 20, you think that most of what your teachers say is rubbish,
And as you turn 40, you begin realizing how true they are.

When you are 20, you feel that sex is the ultimate thing,
As you turn 40, you open your eyes toward other soul-gratifying deeds

When you are 20, you sometimes wish you may die,
When you are 40, you are thankful and wish you could live a hundred more years,

For life has been offering you enormous chance to rejoice and experience. . .

It’s a gift indeed, from you, to you.


  1. Pak, tulis di FB Notes nih.
    Like this. Terlalu banyak “teman-teman” yang saya kenal itu ga bisa menghargai hidup mereka.

    Saya juga lg otw bikin Note ttg menghargai hidup tp masi d draft, rasax kata2x kurang bagus sih hehe

  2. Feli, good idea. Will do it someday.

    Note mu jga diposting kan? Kalo perlu bikin blog sendiri. Yours are sometimes though-provoking, mempertanyakan status quo dan memicu kemandirian berpikir. Go ahead then!


  3. Nota ya di post dunkz, cuma belum, malah kmrn bikin Note yg lain.
    Ehe, thank you, I guess XD
    Saya punya blog tp jarang ke sana, enakkan d FB lebih byk yg baca.
    But I’m thinking about it, thanks =D

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