For-Getting vs For-Giving

by: PID

I attended Windra’s Forkomil presentation and left with a provoking question in my mind: are we here to make profit by selling our ingenious invention, or are we here to share with others our ingenious creation?


I would not be surprised to see that most young people would be inclined to do the first. That’s not wrong either: you create something, you sell it, and you deserve the money! If others use it, they simply have to pay you. That’s how things are in this capitalistic and liberal time. In the liberalistic world, money is our second god and thus we have to do our best to glorify it!

But the second option is no less thrilling: you know you are best at making a creation, and once it’s done, you know too that it’s your obligation to make it useful for mankind at the least cost they can afford. Your adagium is: here is something I found, now let’s do it together to improve mankind. In this altruistic world, our obligation is to share with others in the name of the betterment of life.

I asked Windra what direction he wanted his students to take. Came his wise answer: “I never direct them to any particular choice. It’s really up to them where they want to go!”.

Wise, indeed.

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