A Teacher/Mentor to His Students/Mentees

by PID

What I need is not your physical beauty, nor your wealth, nor your connections with high-ranking, important people. What I need is only a cup of your passion.

Come, all ye passionate people. Let me teach you how to aspire highly, let me teach you how to dream, and then let me teach you how to reach those aspirations and dreams of yours.

Let me teach how to handle occasional falling. You may cry and shriek out of pain, but you may never lose your firm grip on your passion. Say this to yourselves: “Ok, I may be down but I’m not out!”

Remember, keep in mind these three key words for your life: One is passion; number two is passion, and number three is passion. Passion. Passion. Passion. Be passionate. Be highly charged. It’s ok to fall a few times, but never lose the passion to always rise again and push forward like hell!

Yow yow yow, passion rocks!

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