Piala Dunia 2010: No More Than 22 Men Fighting Over a Ball?

What’s special behind soccer championship that is now underway in South Africa?

Nothing. It’s just a field game played by 22 men fighting desperately to get a possession of one ball and kicking it into the goal’s net.

But really isn’t there any lesson behind the game?

Surely there is. Team work is one.

Soccer is a team work. In order to win, the eleven men in a team must cooperate with each other. They know their duties, they know their team mates’ duties, and each makes sure that he does his best to do his duties.

It’s also very much a networking. In order to win, the defenders have to secure the areas around their goalkeeper. Once they get the ball they have to pass it on to the midfielders, who in turn pave the way for the strikers to penetrate the opponent’s defense.

It follows from here to many other components: discipline, strategy, sportsmanship, endurance, perseverance, hope, self-control.

Enjoy the World Cup 2010. May the best team win!

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