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It’s been for a while that I haven’t posted anything written in English. My once popular blog at patrisiusdjiwandono.blogspot is now dead, buried alive by the popularity of this machungaiwo blog. I realize that I’ve been writing in Indonesia for machungaiwo simply because I crave popularity. If I write in Bahasa Indonesia, people flock to read my postings, and the more people read it, the happier I am. What a shame!

So here I am back again bringing up something written in English. I know this will be a big turn off for many of my readers whose English is still poor. But I don’t really care. This time I am writing for myself.

There is a simple question I saw on Yahoo.com that has been lingering in my mind: do you believe in astrology?

Brought up as a Catholic in a very pious environment , I did not even dare to think about astrology. “It’s a sin to believe in such thing,” a priest once told me. “It’s simply Satan in disguise.”

My Yahoo page contains a forecast for Pisces (that’s my zodiac sign, pronounced “Pai-siz”). To my surprise, many times the forecast that pops up on that section turns out to be very scarily accurate for me! I am really stunned to see how the lines there predict almost everything about me on a particular day: my mood, my relationship with people, my chances of success, my desire . . . And they are all correct!

There is no doubt that the forecast is written by another human being, the so-called psychic, or even automatically generated by a computer after some ingenious algorithm is fed into it. But how come it acts as if it had known me for many many years?


Wishful thinking?

or a blessing in disguise?

It drives me nuts to figure out the answer. So I simply sit back every morning, reading the Pisces forecast that pops up on my Yahoo page, and find out that my life on that day simply unfolds the way it predicts.

Once I tried to fool it: rather than reading the Yahoo page first thing in the morning, I read CNN and other equally interesting sites, and then proceeded with my life, meeting people, doing my job, solving problems and stuff. Later in the evening as I prepared to go home, I turned to the Yahoo page to see if the Pisces forecast matched my life that day, and . . . D-A-M-N, yes it did!

Until yesterday there was a moment of relief for me. I explored the page further, and came across a page entitled “Pisces and Love Compatibility”. I read it, and the contents forced a smile on my lips. A-haa, now I could see how nonsense it was! Here is what it said:

“Pisces and Scorpio is a match made in Heaven. They both understand each other to a very deep spiritual level. Pisces ‘s strong intuition and imagination is balanced by Scorpio’s sensitive, albeit possessive, nature. On a scale of 1 to 5, the pair scores 5.”

(“Mmm, maybe not that sweet,” I said in response. “True, a few Scorpio women I used to encounter were gorgeously loving and caring and understanding, but the fact is, we were never meant for each other”)

“Pisces and Sagittarius can have a rocky relations. Sometimes Sagittarius unintentionally hurts the fragile Pisces with his/her spontaneity, but she / he never actually means to hurt. On a scale of 1 to 5, this pair scores 2!”

(“I don’t know about this one, . . .” I mused)

“Pisces and Pisces basically understand each other, and they can make a very sweet relationship. But, since they are of the same nature, there are difficult times when they seem imprisoned in their imagination and in ways of expressing things that do not solve the problems they are facing. On a scale of 1 to 5, they score 4”.

(I smiled silently. “This is weird. I have a few Pisces acquaintances and students, and may be because we vibrate on the same frequency of mood and inner thoughts, I find they are so . . . readable. The way they express their inner feelings and the swaying of their mood are very much like mine. )

So, now, do I still believe in astrology?


    • Mieke, thanks so much. Terharu aku, mantan mahasiswi dari jauh masih menyempatkan diri membaca blog saya 🙂



  1. First of all, I want to say that I really like your English-written posts.
    And my guess was right, or so it seems… you’ve been writing in Indonesian all this time due to your readers’ poor English XD
    And so I knew, each time you wrote in English, it really was just you 🙂 somehow~

    Aside from that. I study astrology, much less. Astrology is not brought by satan XD
    Sorry to say but that priest must be insane haha
    It’s fun to study astrology 😀

    • Hi Feli,

      Thanks, now I know that I can really write in English yang baik dan benar, buktinya kamu sudah menyatakannya:)

      Ya, kalimat saya tentang “astrologi = setan” itu sebenarnya sindiran halus untuk kaum agamawan yang serba mau suci tapi sebenarnya menjadikan wawasan spiritualnya makin lama makin sempit. Saya juga udah lama tertarik ke astrologi, New Age and that kind of what they call “alternative-but-seemingly-lost spirituality’. Whatever lah, as long as I can widen my perspective, why not.

      Best regards,

  2. Of course you can, you’re the professor, maaan XD

    Oolala~ I see XD
    I didn’t get that point! 😀

    Btw, did you get any chance dating a Scorpion?
    They’re the best dates you can get, or so they say hahahah 😛

  3. Feli, Scorpion is indeed endearing for a Pisces.
    Have I ever dated one? Oh, (sigh) . . . again I wish I could answer that difficult question 🙂 Sorry about not being able to answer again. Personal matters. . . .


  4. No matter XD
    It’s not necessary to always be serious on stuff I write haha
    Sometimes, or often, or I dunno which is more prominent XD… I just say things randomly.
    So.. you can just get away with them if you don’t wanna answer XD

    Your seriousness is well appreciated though 😛

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