Tanggapan untuk Ayo Jadi Tuhan lewat Buku “The Secrets”

Ini tanggapan dari Sasha:

pak, sy tdk kepikiran akan kemungkinan ‘menuhankan diri sendiri’, sebelum akhirnya membaca postingan ini.
tp yg saya yakini,
manusia tak akan mndapatkan lbh dr apa yg telah Tuhan tetapkan atas dirinya, jika berperilaku layaknya tak butuh Dia yang Maha pemberi.

membaca artikel ini, mmbuat sy sadar yg diberikan Tuhan sdh bgitu banyak, tak sebanding dgn rasa syukur sy.

trims pak^^

Ini tanggapan dari seorang mahasiswa Ma Chung dari Prodi Manajemen, pembaca setia blog ini:

I am trying to put your idea in my simple words, so correct me if I am wrong.
You wrote that if you are successful, it is god’s good blessing upon you and when you fail, it means he has another path for you, is that correct?

Then I have a question: all your success thru the years which you claim came from practicing what the book told you… does that not mean god wanted you to succeed and be happy and gave that power to you to make yourself joyful?
I am thinking a lot about the correlation. I simply do not know what and how god thinks, but religious people state how they know the way god thinks all the time, so I am asking you in my humblest manner.

And, it is unfathomable how you “regret” the joy people are getting from their very own hardwork.

Surely all those achievements are no magic, right? There must be toil behind each.

I do not think the powerful books are creating a negative impact to the world, such as what you have written.
Even without them existing, there are already people who are faithless to the god.

And I believe the book is humbly helping you to know that you are “limitless”, you have that power. Why try to limit yourself now?

Are your mind and power not also god’s very own creation?

And btw, remember that the author of The Secrets come from a country where religion doesn’t matter.
I won’t blame the author haha =)

This is a nice post btw, for brainstorming =D

Ini jawaban saya untuk Feli:

Feli, great comments; many many thanks! It’s just amazing a young person of your age can compose a very structured response about this contentious issue.

What you feel, Feli, about that limitless power of humans, is exactly how I felt upon finishing that very mind-provoking book back in 1998. Yes, simply stated, I felt that God is nothing else but ourselves. Much as God has the power to create, we also have the similar power to create our reality, our wishes, because we are created in the image of God. That’s how I felt years ago. To some extent, I still feel that power within me. Yes, part of my successes can be attributed to me exerting that power of creating. I wrote about this in a posting entitled “Mimpi Saya” where I subtly implies the immense power that resides in human minds. FYI, the dream that I had is now turning to reality: for Ma Chung, as well as for me.

I kept on living with this attitude until at one stage in my life I was struck with another challenge: with me still struggling against my ego and weaknesses, I dont simply feel secure with that immense power. I am simply afraid of misusing it, not to mention that in some cases, even the strongest desire or dream that I tried to make real with that power simply fizzled and failed. I was forced to yield, facing another reality that I despise, but then I found that this very reality has led me, or shaped me to become a beter person. So I conclude simply that far above the power I have, there is still a far greater POWER that seems to know what is best for me. Ok, I dont call it “God” if you feel uncomfortable with that. But that POWER exists, and it’s far from being ambitious, being egocentric, being emotional; it is far more patient, more constant, more . . . forgiving and compassionate, and at the end, it feels really soothing.

So, yes, I acknowledge the huge power that we all have; it definitely comes from or is granted to us by the so-called the Divine. The point I made on my posting is that, despite the huge power we harness, we should admit that we are also full of weakness and defects, and that’s why we have to ask for His guidance to lead us to His path, the path where time simply stops existing and we are in union with Him, the great Creator.

We having limitless power? Ehmm, that’s a very tempting piece of notion. But, I’d say that despite the seemingly limitless power we all have, we have to accept the fact that it is limited, and that there is still a greater force that restrains us from having that absolute power. Doubting this? Ok, live on a few more years and you’ll see that 🙂 Well, I have experienced that moment of humbly admitting defeat from the greater power!

The flaw with religious people is that they condemn people without religions, saying that God cannot enter their Godless domains, let alone help them prosper and grow well. What I witness with my own eyes is that God works with equal power of love to any human beings, ANY human being, regardless of whether they are atheist or religious or atheist-disguised- as religious or wacko religious or whatever. Huang Shi ru once told me: “I dont believe in God, but I have faith”. Even to this kind of person God expresses His love.

Yes, Fel, this is good for a warm discussion on this spiritual matter. Thanks again for commenting.



  1. Oh, I didn’t know the reply was put here too XD

    O btw, I must have missed one paragraph >_<
    So here's my reply haha

    I didn't literally say we have limitless power. I said that in accordance to the theme of that book.
    "We can surpass our limit if we put more efforts" or something like that, is that not what the book is about? O_oa
    So, yeah =P

    But, like I wrote in the previous comment, I got an enlightenment of the very essence of your post.
    Hmm.. humans are too greedy, eh? If you know what I mean =)

    • Nice to meet you, too, Kiki. I’ve dropped by your blog and it looks pretty cozy and cool. But I gotta work, may be after 3 I can have a closer look at your postings, and I’m sure I will enjoy the visit:)


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