Making A Decision

Think. I have got to think. Weed out any intrusive feeling. See the problem clearly. Gain all the evidence. Check all the assumptions, and confirm the unsupported ones. Infer! Infer! Infer and conclude what then I must do.

Then I will safely come to a decision. A decision to make, however hurting it may be . . .


  1. Fiona,

    Never mind, just a note on my personal struggle. But it has all been settled now.

    In a way, it was also an exercise of the Critical Thinking Lesson that i have been following from Oregon University. It is really good, and I think I will write a posting about thinking critically.

    I would have written it more explicitly, but then I remember your advice on your comment not to be too open on this blog, es. because I have my mentees as the target audience.

    Thanks for commenting:)


    Eh, kepo itu apa?

  2. Kepo itu adalah istilah slank dari malaysia yg konon artinya adalah: pengen tahu urusan orang lain he he…. Kepo menambah daftar istilah2 populer orang Jakarta selain sotoy (=sok tau) & lebay (=berlebihan)


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