Perilakunya Membingungkan

“What will we learn today? Is it going to take long? Please make it short so I can line up for Harry Potter’s movie at the cinema.”

There she blurted out just like that, like a once obedient robot turned wacko because of a short-circuit in the wiring. . . .

I was so startled I could not say anything. Oh my God, this was said so lightheartedly. I was certain there was no filtering for that utterances. She probably did not have any slightest idea that what she just said may have felt like a sledge hammer falling squarely on my head.

So there I stood, wondering if I should reprimand her harshly or stay cool and patient, as I do most of the time. A thought of what Fiona wrote flashed across my mind: “only hard and tough mentors will turn out a tough mentee”. So, should I take a hard measure now? But with this kind of emotional state, I’d have been freaking out, and that’s not a good sight in a class just to begin.

So, I got a good grip on my temper, and said calmly:

“Okay, if you think that lining up for Harry Potter’s ticket is much more important than attending a Business Correspondence class, why don’t you leave now?”

Silence. A stare of regret and disbelief . . .

“Really,” I continued. “You are a grown up. You know what is best for you. What I think is best for you may not be best for you personally. So, really, I don’t mind at all if you leave now for the movie tickets.”

She might have sensed that I was being cynical, or ironical. But, no, on second thought, probably I was honest about that offer. Wasn’t that logical: if my mentee did not feel like studying with me today and would rather wait for the ticket booth to open so she would not miss Harry Potter’s movie, why should I insist on her attending my class?

And then she did something that really was unfathomable. She said she would like to sit in the classroom and attend the course.

I was really puzzled facing this kind of attitude. Well, if that’s what she had in mind, why did she say she wanted me to end the class sooner? What was she getting at, actually? . . .

As for me, I thought i had successfully deflected my anger and behaved as logically as possible.

I don’t know. I am just ranting. Maybe I need to learn more . . .


  1. Thanks, Fiona.

    If you were me in that situation, what would you have done? Throwing her out of the window, perhaps? Bwa ha ha ha!


  2. Hahahaa… Nope, pak… I think I would’ve done exactly the same, tapi ekspresi wajah akan saya bikin sedatar mungkin, begitu juga dengan intonasi suara hahahaaa…. Mungkin jadi seorang mentor memang harus berkepribadian ganda: kadang seperti manusia, kadang robot tanpa perasaan… tergantung situasinya

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