Heart-Shaped Messages

You may find this posting a little incoherent because this is a collection of bits and pieces that I went through during this weekend. If that’s indeed the case, I suggest that you leave and be on the lookout for another more comprehensible posting:

For ******

The storm inside. As I said, behind a calm and seemingly serene appearance there may be a raging storm inside. You can never tell unless, like me, you have been living long enough to meet persons of this kind. Maybe I am like that, too. I don’t know. You are the one who can give me an alarming warning.

But, having said that, I am certain that if you meet the right person who can guide you and sympathize with you, things will be just fine. If you trust this person and tell him whatever is causing you to feel restless, he’d be able to offer a helping hand, or lend sympathetic ears.

The cube and the storm on the dessert. Yes, even if your storm is inside the cube—which is very unusual and may hint at a deep, acute problem—it’s good that you have admitted that and, with the guidance of that sympathetic person, you will confront it and overcome it triumphantly.

For ***

Losing is never sweet. Yes, I understand your bitterness and if I were you I’d be disappointed, too. But, as I said to you, the path you were trying to win may not be your path. Another door may open up for you and lead you to the path that is your true glory. Glory days ahead, may be not this time. Just brace yourself, be strong and chin up. You have many more things you can perform well.

So life goes on. Another day, another battle to fight with, another challenge to conquer. Sit back and relax, this has happened many times before. Don’t forget to smile and laugh, for it is the genuinely God-granted ability that keeps your spirit joyful.

See you again in our next mentoring sessions!

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