Strange Phenomena in My Life

Scary movies can be thrilling as far as the film keeps running, and the director and the actors have successfully collaborated to concoct frightening scenes. But what if the horror happens in your real life?

I have several times had encounter with unexplainable things in my life.

I was still a bachelor, barely 23 years old. It was late at night and I was soundly sleeping, only to wake up to a strange sound I had never heard before: a heavy breathing sound, low and constant, coming from where I did not know. It seemed to come from the empty land just outside my room. I peeked through the windows but saw nothing suspicious.

So I thought it was my dog which was sleeping on a mat just a few yards from my room. Again, the dog proved innocent. The sound came from somewhere else. But where? By that time I was practically walking all over the garden, searching curiously where that hideous sound was coming from. But I could not find it.

So I said to myself: “Fine, may be you didn’t want me to see you,” and I fell back asleep just like that.

Strange, I did not feel scared or get petrified form that horrible breathing sound . . . I was just like, “Ok, you are part of this house! Whatever or whoever you are, you have been here and I don’t mind that, but please let me sleep now.”

Fast forward several years and now I was a man, ready to go to bed with my wife. As we were closing the door, suddenly we heard her mother calling her name from the living room downstairs. My wife promptly answered: “Yes?”, looking down from the gap, expecting to see her mother.

But she saw no one.

Curious, she went down to knock on her mother’s room to check if she had called her. Her mother said, “No, I didn’t call you. Why?”

So both of them checked around to find a logical reason for that strange thing. To our surprise, when my wife opened the door to the course room (we have a room for our private course), she found out that the front door was still wide open. A burglar could have easily spotted that open door, slipped in and did some crime. Thus, we found that the mysterious voice disguised as my mother-in-law’s voice had warned us to be careful. It’s as if it said: “Susan, you forget to close the front door of your private course room!”

But none of those experiences were as frightening as the ones that I frequently had during my sleep. In one of those cases, I woke up suddenly to find that my right hand was holding another hand just above my head. Half asleep and half awake, I felt the hand and realized it was a woman’s hand. I turned my head and to my horror, I saw my wife still sleeping tightly, her arms folded inside the blanket. So whose hand was it that I was holding???

Strange, I felt horrified and was choking with fears . . . . but . . . . but . . . I didn’t let go of the ghostly hand. I was like . . . . “okay, hold me. . .”.

The phenomenon disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. I drew a breath of relief, and suddenly felt so sleepy. . . .

Bad dreams often times chased me to the real life. I would wake up screaming or even freaking out, and found my wife all over my body to calm myself down. In one of those, I swear I saw a figure of a woman crouching near my feet, and I was really certain I was not dreaming. . . . She didn’t look scary; she looked so naive and even . . . pretty. Was she an angel? But If she was, why did I suddenly feel numb and extremely frightened?

There were two major kinds of dreams that I many times have: (1) the one involving seemingly nice people who suddenly turn out monstrous, and (2) women.

So I one day took the time to visit a convent and asked for advice from a nun. I told her my recurring dreams and frightening experiences, and what she told me was so outlandish I would NEVER ever share to anyone else, not even you, the readers of my blog . . . . .


  1. Haiyaaaa…. hiiiiiii…. medeni juga ya baca ginian malam2… mrinding disko…. saya juga punya pengalamn serupa yg tak kalah seramnya… malah suatu kali, saya bersama seorang teman melihat ‘mahluk lain’ ini bersama2 di saat yg sama, so yeahh they truly exist…

  2. Pak Hari, kayaknya itu beyond REM, deh, soalnya saya yakin saya udah bangun. Tapi apa iya ya saya sudah bangun? Nah, kan, bingung dewe 🙂

    Fiona: jangankan Anda yang membaca, saya aja merinding waktu menulis posting ini. Tau-tau ada suara “klothak” di kotak stationary saya, seolah-olah ada yang bilang : “Ok, Ok, keep up writing, we are enjoying it” Hiiiii . . . . .

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