My Favorite People

My favorite people are my alter ego.

My favorite people are the ones who rarely feel moody. They are usually and most of the time high-spirited persons. They are optimistic. Even though they see huge obstacles ahead, they don’t back down and cringe fearfully. They may stand still and think what is the best strategy to conquer the challenges, but never will they turn away and run. They inspire courage, determination, and the power to endure even the fiercest storms . . .

My favorite people are the ones who never succumb to desperation or boredom. They know that New Year only exists in mind, that what they see daily remains the same: same sun, same faces, same salaries, same jobs, . . . but they go beyond this and set for themselves new targets, new hopes, new resolutions in the New Year. Great people never get stuck; great people of mine always set realistic yet worth-fighting targets and goals. They just seem to keep growing on and on.

My favorite people know well when to charge hard relentlessly, and when to pause and laugh in joy. They know when to work hard, and when to play hard. When they work, they keep the incessant, unwavering focus on their goal; when they wind down, they crack jokes, laugh their heads off, and enjoy the good time.

My favorite people know when to listen well, and when to speak. They seek to understand first, before they seek to be understood. They are tactful, knowing how to read others’ minds, how to empathize with others, yet still adamant on the viewpoints they think are right. They are never reluctant to hammer out peaceful resolutions in any conflicts; they believe in the power of unity and synergistic power of collaboration and mutual respect.

So whether this is New Year or not really depends on how you see it: nothing is new except the way you think, the way you perceive things around you differently. And the decision to make yourselves anew or to render yourself the same old sucker rests with you entirely.

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