Women Driving Cars

Woman 1:
She drives in an aggressive style. Quite often she gets into a bout of honking when confronted with annoyingly slow drivers. She does not hesitate to push you off a bit if you are slow in giving her way, or stubbornly persist on her way as she cruises along the street. An impulsive driver, that’s what she is, but in general she drives safely.

Woman 2:
She drives her car softly, politely. Cruising with her in her car felt smooth, relaxed and safe. Though she once overtook me from the left side, she was in general a patient, good driver.

Woman 3:
She drives fast, like a racing driver being lost in a city traffic. But she has got a mind like a computer, calculating the distance between her vehicle and others, and making fast decisions about whether to overtake another vehicle or stay behind. Going through the forbidden left lane is not something unusual for her. It’s one of her ways to get sooner to her destination.

Three women, three different driving styles. It’s just driving, a very common ability in today’s modern world.

But still I enjoy observing them, comparing them, and sometimes learning a few driving tips from the way they drive cars.

Women drivers rock!

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