Merasa Hampa dan Mungkin Ini Obatnya

Saya menemukan situs ini dalam pengembaraan mencari kedamaian. Yang di bawah ini adalah ungkapan seorang pesimis yang merasa bahwa hidup dan dunia ini benar-benar sudah tanpa harapan. Semua akan punah dengan menyedihkan. Kadang-kadang, saya pun berpikiran seperti itu. Akibatnya memang kita merasa hampa, bahkan depresi. Tapi jawaban sang Catherine di bawah ini sedikit banyak membuka mata saya, dan mungkin juga saudara-saudara lain yang merasa “apa sih makna hidup ini? Semua rusak, semua korup, semua buruk”. Satu kalimat yang bagus sekali dari Catherine: “the horrid and the beauty co-exist”


Dear Catherine,
I am finding it very difficult to live in this world. I sometimes think of myself as a “bubble boy” like those kids who have to live in a plastic tent because they are allergic to everything. I am not allergic but I feel that everything is really hard and that there is not much future and not much point to anything. I listen to Kurt Cobain a lot and I think that he really understood how things are. My parents think I am depressed, but I feel that I am just seeing the world for what it is and that it is totally fucked up. I don’t know why I am writing to you since I don’t believe anyone has an answer, but I liked some of the answers in your column in the past.
Portland, OR

Dear JJ,
You are absolutely right that the world can appear as a horrible place, hopeless for a sensitive person to manage. That is one vantage point and any rational person can make a very good case for it. However, there are other perspectives that can exist side by side with that perspective. For instance, there is the perspective that sees that there is a lot of beauty, mercy, and love in this world as well. And a rational person can make quite a good case for those being reasons enough to live. This is not to deny the horrid. It is to say that the horrid and the beauty co-exist. You may be out of balance in seeing the darkness. You don’t need any more evidence for understanding that the world can be horrible. Yes, sure it can. But now you need to start seeing the ways in which the world is also beautiful. Open your eyes and heart and it is there, all around you. (And maybe cut back on the Kurt Cobain for a while.)

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