Favorite Actors

Tom Hanks and Johnny Depp. Oh, one more: Robert De Niro.

They are great actors. Great, great acting qualities. What strikes me as awesome is the way they slip in and out of a character so beautifully; it’s as if you see completely different personalities brought on to the screen by these great actors. Compare Hanks as an half-idiot in “Forrest Gump” to his role as a charismatic sergeant in “Saving Private Ryan”, and then to a lost, naïve but amenable citizen stranded in “The Terminal”. Three different roles, three radically different personalities, and yet Tom Hanks so amazingly made them alive on screen. Amazing!

And then there is this Johnny Depp. Compare his eccentric, comical role as Willy Wonka, the owner of “The Chocolate Factory”, to his role as a tricky pirate in “Pirates of the Caribbean”, plus his recent character as a brooding bandit in “The Public Enemy”. Again, one person displaying three different main characters with uncanny abilities of acting. I am simply amazed. I couldn’t agree more with a friend of mine who once told me that great actors have multiple personalities. Instead of ending up in asylums, these people fascinate movie-lovers around the globe with their perfect acting.

Robert de Niro? Yes, definitely he is on my favorite list, too. I watched him play as an arrogant and brutal thug in “The Untouchables”, and then was touched by his meek, sweet and shy character when he played with Merryl Streep in “In Love”.

This is to be contrasted with his early days of career in “Taxi Driver” where he is an obsessed but determined murderer, and his recent accomplishment in “Meet My Parents in Law” where he starred as a protective father.

Acting is a serious job, but I guess not every serious person can do that. In addition to determination and hard work, great acting calls for talent and this so-called “split personalities”. Great actors act greatly, shifting roles from a psychopath to a hilarious guy to a loving person, and every time captivating their audiences.

Ni xi huan na zhong dian ying?


  1. My favorite TV actors: Simon Baker & Shemar Moore (dua mahluk ini bikin saya “deg-deg seerrr” tiap kali nonton serial The Mentalist & Criminal Minds)

    My favorite movie actors: Tom Hanks & Clint Eastwood. Mr. Eastwood is also an outstanding movie director… Tom Hanks, not yet

  2. Yah pak, sejak ber-FB dengan bapak & mentee2 nya, saya jadi jarang kemari he he…

    Kenapa excited dengan Shemar & Simon? Alasannya kurang lebih sama kenapa teenagers are excited by Justin Bieber… halah hahaha…

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