Me and Today

A busy day. I sank myself into the office, typing like hell, writing reports and plans for the upcoming accreditation of my Study Program.

A mentee came to ask for my signature. Then she sat down and started a long story about her experience. She was very keen on going abroad, applying for a grant, going for a new experience, on and on. She talked and talked, and I tried my best to listen to her patiently. I was busy in the middle of a hectic schedule, and yet I simply didn’t have the heart to drive her away. . . . Well, she finally stopped and said good bye and thanked me for listening to her. I resumed working.

After lunch another mentee invited me through FB to play It Girl and FIFA soccer. Oh, this young woman! So fond of playing the online games. I am simply not into this stuff. But again, I didnt have the heart to turn down her invitation so I just clicked yes and moments later found her cheerful welcoming message on my FB wall. I smiled. It’s always good to make this mentee happy, something which she rarely feels these days for a reason I have yet to identify.

At half past two I dragged myself to a meeting room, attending a meeting with a topic I hardly knew about. All this money matters, why did I have to attend this? No, it’s not that I hated the topic, I just hated the fact that I had to sit there and paid attention to a matter that was simply beyond my expertise. I sank into the chair, feeling useless, wishing that time would fly faster so I could get back to my office and get more important things done by afternoon.

Eventually the meeting ended and I walked back to my office. Oh, another thing to do: attending a proposal seminar of my student. I could not miss this one because I am her advisor. So I went upstairs, right into a classroom where she had been waiting anxiously.

I came back an hour later, bringing some nice cakes she had given me after the seminar was over. Then i resumed my work, occasionally talking to my Vice Dean about details to complete for the final preparation.

A busy and hectic day. Another day has passed. I keep the high hopes for the success of the acreditation.

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