Time to Decide

There is a time in our life journey where you stand quietly, not knowing what to do. You have been receiving a very confusing array of signals from the circumstances around you. You have been lulled by the good vibes, but you have been shaken as well by the upheavals and chaos. So you think hard, trying to figure out what has been happening and what you should do to respond to that.

So then maybe that’s where I am now. In the middle of confusion and even struggle to keep my sanity, at last a little voice tells me to change the direction. It’s saying that the path I am treading now is no longer worth living. It is probably telling me: “stop here and turn somewhere else”.

Maybe that’s what It wants: a change.

So as the semester ends and a new one is coming, I probably have to seriously consider some changes. I have to change the way I feel about some people, change the way I care about someone, and even decide to have new experiences with new people.

The posting I write shortly before this, entitled “Leaving Silently”, is probably the best reflection of my decision I have taken silently. . . .

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