Wanita Berkarakter Kuat

A woman with a strong character is not necessarily a very tough one. A woman like this may burst in tears when I get mad at her, but then quickly regains her composure and says: “Fine. I cried because you hurt me with your anger, but here I am with my own true color. This is me and I will always be like this.”

A woman with a strong character holds on very firmly to what she believes is right. She rarely wavers; she thinks that she can always justify her deeds and thoughts, however absurd they may seem to other people. This is definitely the most conspicuous feature that marks a woman of character. She is determined, she rarely gets confused or even absent-minded. Her days are filled with activities, which she does with steadfast commitment.

A woman with a strong character also devotes her life to one man, exclusively. She may come across other men with more enticing personality or physical appearance, but this kind of woman will say: “Fine, they are good loooking or even rich, but that’s it. I have had my own man to take care of.”

A woman with a strong character is defiant in her standpoint, steadfast in her commitment, and faithful in her love for her man….

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