Lebih Dekat dengan Setan

What is satan?

Some say it’s a divine being that was once an angel, but then sinned and was thrown to hell.

Some say it’s the opposite of all things that are noble and virtue. Thus, while God is full of love, compassion, understanding, care, and passion, satan boasts all of the opposites: hatred, ignorance, revenge, cruelty, jealousy, lust.

Some people say that they dont believe satan exists. Some others, apparently wiser than the former, say: “One of the most ingenious tactic of satan is to make humans believe that satan does not exist!”

Then there is this stunning statement: “God has set the Truth. Satan knows that, and then tells his disciples: “Ok, let us organize the Truth in the form of religions!”.

Deepak Chopra, my favorite enunciator, says this: “Human beings do not need the concept of satan. Let us build a foundation of new spirituality without satan in it.”

Satan has several symbols: 666, the ram/goat (this is reportedly a mockery of God’s lambs), the pentagram, even the signs you make with your fingers.

Once or twice I had to admit that I was possessed by these demonic thoughts. I was afraid, of course. Then I remembered Jesus and all His love. I let Him speak unto my heart and mind. I even asked Him to possess me so I could feel the overwhelming love and compassion and understanding with every breath I take and every beat of my heart . . .

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