SEx in the Office

I couldn’t believe the sms that landed on my cell phone that fateful afternoon: “Sir, A and C locked themselves inside The Meeting Room. I suspect they are having sex.”


“ You can’t be serious,” I said. “Are you sure??”

“I am very certain. We all know how these two co-workers have been building closer and closer relationship since C joined our team. They are very passionate workers. It’s just a matter of time that they would have sex together”.

The Meeting Room was indeed shut tight when I got to my office. The light was dimmed, the curtain was down.

My office was manned by a staff of seven, four women and three men at their late twenties and early forties. They were hard workers, very committed to their tasks, and went along well. They spent almost eight to nine hours every day, pushing hard for the successful accomplishments of our projects. In such environment where bonds were forged by a feeling of togetherness, I would not be shocked if intimate relationships started growing among them. But having sex in the office??? That was simply outrageous! That was nuts! Sensually wild beyond imagination!

I moved slowly but firmly toward the Meeting Room. I spotted C’s pump shoes lying just in front of the door, next to A’s. My mind suddenly was filled with flashes of steamy scenes by the two co-workers.

The long-haired C was probably over A’s genital, kissing, licking, and sucking, her long, straight hair falling gracefully onto A’s thigh, as he softly caressing and squeezing her large breasts, pinching her nipple, making her moan softly. . .

Or they were probably sitting on the desk, C’s long legs wrapped around A’s waist, their arms locked and their mouths engaged in warm wet circles of their tongues tonguing each other . . .gasping . . .

I hesitated a bit as my right hand reached the door handle. But I had to do it anyway. So I grabbed the handle and yanked the door open.

I was prepared for the most obscene sight. But what struck my eyes was something really unfathomable.

A and C were sitting cross legged on the carpeted floor, barefooted, with their clothes on. Before them were two laptops, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth indicators flickering like crazy.

“We are having SEx,” said A.

“Yes, SEx. Synergistic Energy Exchange,” C added, “Exchanging ideas that have been brimming in our minds. I think we have been making a very good synergy. He has drafted details of our project and I contributed enhancements at some points . . ”

SEx. Synergistic Energy Exchange!

The next day I drummed up all of my staff members and we had SEx together in the meeting room.

It was, oomph, invigorating.

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