The Power of the People

What’s Important in Developing a Product?

Quality. Prices. Good marketing strategies. Thorough knowledge of the target market. Clear positioning. Catchy tag line. Strong vision. Enough financial backup.

Fine. They are all indeed good. If you take care of them, the odds are your company will reap success.

But a more important element, at least as far as my experience is concerned, is PEOPLE. Your staff, your workmates, yourself!

You lead successfully if other people trust you; you will gain trust and respect if you respect them and teach them patiently to achieve the vision. You can teach them well if you maintain good communication. You communicate well if you don’t just call the shots, but are willing to listen to them, are open to criticisms, clear about what you believe is right, and involved in the nitty-gritty of an arduous task.

Once you succeed in shaping good, competent, cooperative people, good qualities of your services and products will take care of themselves.

That’s what my experience teaches me. Do you find my ideas agreeable? Or do you find some loopholes? If not, happy leading!

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