Wild Driving! Ma Chung Save Me, Please!

I have never driven this fast. No, it was not only fast but also wild . . .

Two cars ahead on Semeru street, and I just did not have the patience to wait. I swerved to the right and passed the two slow pokes, honking seven times, enough to alert the incoming Atoz to move a bit to the left while flashing its headlamps. Careful, man, you might bloody hit me!

But I have lost it completely. A usually slow and careful and very, very polite driver, I did not show my typical manner on that morning. I stepped on the accelerator pedal even deeper, almost flooring it. The car jerked forward, slicing the asphalt before a hard braking forced its tires to screech. I switched to the left lane, and sped up again after barely missing the crossing motorbike. To the left into Ijen Street, entering the corner and switched to the right, screeching again at the hairpin, and blazed past the Brawijaya Museum. I glanced to the left and spotted one of my mentees standing there, waiting for the Ma Chung bus. If he had known I was driving the mad blue Xenia he’d have reported it to the Rector.

But that did not stop me. I drove as fast as I could through Retawu Street, almost lifting the car as I went through a bump in front of Widya Karya.

No, I just couldn’t slow down. I had to do this, this was a very urgent business, a very pressing matter, it’s now or never, it’s now or disaster!

The traffic along Raya Tidar was creeping; I squeezed my car into a narrow gap between a bike and another car, before zapping it again like crazy uphill, turning so fast I almost got thrown out of the window, taking the next corner, and sped up on and on . . .

Going up to the Security Officer sentry post, I whisked past, not bothering to stop for finger printing. HCD would get mad, but what the heck. This matter was more pressing than just finger printing. That could wait!

Screeching to a halt, I jumped out of my car, charging the steps hard and ran as fast I could to the back of the building.

There it was,. . . there it was . . . . ooh, what a relief! Just right on time! The speeding like crazy was worth it! I was SAVED, spared from the monstrosity of wetting my trousers! LOL!

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