Something Kind How Lovely!

Sometime ago I read about a young boy who received an accolade for his idea of publishing a newspaper that delivers only good news. That is really something laudable. The only thing I feel sorry about that news is that the young man does not live here; he lives in England.

But come to think of it: newspaper, or mass media, which publicize good happenings, kind deeds, heroic or compassionate actions.

If you are an avid lover of Reality Show like ‘Termehek-Mehek’, or a fan of criminal news in the newspapers or TV depicting bloody scenes of murder or accidents, consider that one above. Imagine seeing or reading a newspaper with no violence, no cursing, no fist or tears of sorrow and anger. Imagine how it feels reading news about charitable acts organized by youths, inter-religions dalogues where no voice is raised against a different faith, philantropists and the reasons why they hand out so much donation, stroies of success, healed wounds, forgiven mistakes, peaceful solutions . . .

“But that is against the Holy Bible of journalism,” a colleague of mine commented. “In journalism, the worse the news, the more dramatic and tragic things are, the more they sell.”

Well, he may be right.

But, think again. In this angst-ridden spirit of the world where more pains means more gain and less sane, wouldn’t it be good to have a comforting stream of good news?

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