What a Racket!

The students were busy rehearsing their vocabulary lesson as the teacher arrived. Carefully she made her way through the boys and girls who were sitting crosslegged on the floor.

“What’s ebullient?” asked one student to her friend.

“Ebullient, uhm . . . that’s like a bull. Strong, full of energy, enthusiastic!”

“Yeah, that’s correct!”

“Hey, that’s a great way of memorizing words,” remarked another. “You make a strong association between the word “ebullient” and a picture of bull in your mind. Because bull is usually strong and energetic, it makes it easier for you to remember the meaning.”

“Yeah, that’s what I do,” said the student proudly. “Smart, huh?”

The noise level was getting higher as they practised more.

“Hey, hey!” said the teacher. “I am happy to see you studying together, but I prohibit you from making too much noise because other students in the classrooms are studying, too.”

“Sorry, mam,” said one. “We are making too much din, arent we?”

“Din?” asked the others. “What’s din?”

“A din is similar in meaning to the word “racket,” said the student who explained how he remembered the meaning of “ebullient”.

“Racket??” asked the others. “Now what’s that, racket?”

“Imagine several cars honking at the same time: diin! diinn! diin! That’s noise, right? So, din has the meaning of “noise”!”

“And so ‘racket” is synonymous to ‘din’?”

“Yeah, you are right!”

The teacher smiled, fascinated by the way the smart student learned new words.

“You are very smart,” she remarked. “What’s the secret?”

“Oh, easy, Mam,” he said. “I develop a close affinity with English. In other words, I like English a lot, and that motivates me to study more and more.”

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