Criticisms, Bitter but . . . Better

Most people cringe when they have to deal with criticisms. No wonder. Criticisms hurt; they are unpleasant, embarrassing, ego-destructing, giving us an impression that we fail.

But on a deeper level, we can benefit a lot from criticisms. Put your ego aside, and suddenly you will be able to discern some truths and potentials in them to improve yourselves. If you can capitalize on them, turning them into healthy feedback that fuel your passion to improve, you’d be thankful to your critics. You’d rise again and say, “Now I know better about my weaknesses, and I’m prepared to get rid of them and improve my future performances”.

So, instead of seeing criticisms as undesirable, dreadful things, start seeing them as manure for your professional growth! Manure, like criticisms, is basically animals’ faeces, but with the right treatment and attitude, it spurs plants to grow healthier! So, just as a farmer deliberately puts in manure to grow plants, you should also turn criticisms into the driving force behind your intention to grow better, smarter, more professional, and even wiser. Face the criticisms, even expect them, then select a few good and constructive ones (because some of them may also come from wild envy or even malice), start introspecting on yourselves, and carefully refine your performances.

Criticisms for me, anyone? Please?

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