The Dean’s Messages for Class of 2013

Congratulations on your achievements. After braving all of the academic and non-academic challenges in the last four years, you deserve to be here as graduates of Faculty of Language and Arts of Universitas Ma Chung.

I have been trying to make my speech a memorable one for you in your future life. In order to be memorable, I’d like to give only six messages, which comprise a blend of mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life.

First of all, your generation is known for their lack of reading habit. So, the first point I’d like to say is be literate. Read more, read deeply. Dont just read short bursts of celebrity news and other gossips on the social media. Read novels and a variety of books that interest you. Your reading habit will play an instrumental role in your future children’s reading habit. If you read more, they’d also read more, and you will maintain that good habit for many many generations to come.

Second, be open-minded. You are still young, and there is vast world out there with huge amount of new knowledge and skills that you can learn. Dont be reluctant to widen your perspectives. Never stop learning and dont be complacent with what you have already known because there is much more that you havent known. Learn programming language, or cooking, or establishing a startup business, and many others.

Third, always be the master of your emotion. Control your emotion so you have all the positive emotion exerted to boost your inner drive and negative emotion kept to a minimum level. In your life journey, you’ll encounter people and situations that are simply unpleasant. Keep your cool, and find tactful ways to deal with them. Also, be careful with your expressions on social media. Controlling emotion also means knowing well that whatever you write on your Facebook wall or any other social media reflects who you are, and shapes other people’s impression about you. Be wise in your expression. Manage your anger wisely and channel it into appropriate ways.

Fourth is communication. However smart you are, if you dont communicate your ideas to others, how will they know? Many times in my own experience I have seen how well-planned missions fizzle or how conflicts arise among colleagues or team members because they hardly talk to each other, or they talk in the wrong ways. Learning to communicate ideas and feelings is of paramount importance in today’s world, even with all those sophisticated gadgets in our hands.

Fifth is honesty. This is an important value to uphold in order to be a fully functional and acceptable member of the society. However high your IQ or GPA, if you lack honesty, you’ll only cause disruption, problems, loss, and shattered trust. Maintain honesty in every business you’ll be engaged in, and you’ll be at peace with the deepest voice of your conscience.

Sixth is faith. Having faith means you know why you are here and why you do whatever you are doing. It means you know why Life is worth living for. It also means you know that there is always time for everything. Dont despair if your hard efforts have not paid well; there will be the time when you’ll reap the benefits of your efforts. Keep the grit alive and your passion burning. Have faith that your presence in this cosmos is a significant one, and that you are capable of doing things that will contribute to the betterment of human life.

As I am closing this speech, let me congratulate you once again. I wish you well and success and joy in your future life.

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