The Significant Others

The significant others is a term that commonly refers to a spouse or a lover. Yet this posting is not about those loved ones. Significant others simply mean people who come to our lives and, with their diverse attitude, behavior, and personalities, provide chances for us to become improved persons.

“Everything that happens to you, every person that comes to your life, has a mission of making you more conscious of who you really are”. This is a famous saying by spiritualists. Being a spiritual message, it often goes unnoticed or simply gets shrugged of by this chaotic and anxious world. But when we dedicate a little more time pondering on it, it resonates with our lives beautifully, indeed.

Each of us tends to become entrenched in our own ego. Being self-centered like this, we often overlook the fact that we have shortcomings, or worse, we acknowledge our shortcomings but are always adept at making vindication and justifying them. That is indeed how the ego works. It always feels right and thinks that the world out there is wrong.

Then come different people with their different characteristics. Some are similar to us, but many others are simply the opposite of our personality. If you are an extrovert with optimistic outlook, one day you will have to put up with someone who is extremely introverted and maintain a melancholic tone in viewing the world, and vice versa.

Only when we turn off our egoistic tendency to judge and to be suspicious about everything can we see beyond ourselves and begin to realize the hidden virtues behind these seemingly different people. The introvert begin to see the perks of having an outgoing attitude and the skill of socializing; the extrovert begin to realize the importance of deep thinking and the power of “productive solitary moment”, two things that are typical of an introverted individual.

The introvert and extrovert are just a simple example. There are many more examples of two radically different traits that, when accepted and perceived beyond the boundary of ego, can be a powerful means for self-improvement. This applies not only for a couple in romantic relationship, but also to friends, leaders and their subordinates, and even two persons in enmity. hence, the term significant others.

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